How to Add and Manage a Staff Member

This tutorial shows how to add new staff member to Theenker platform for the first time, and how to edit the staff-specific settings later (e.g. change their position/level, compensation rate, contact details etc.)

How to Check Out Client After the Service

This tutorial shows how to check out the client after they received a service. Checkout can be done via cash, card, and can include any vouchers or loyalty points that the client may have.

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How to Create an Appointment

This tutorial shows how to create a client appointment and how to make changes to it if needed (for example, change length), or cancel if client doesn't show up or asks to cancel.

Owner's Dashboard Part 1: Financials

This Tutorial shows how to use Theenker Dashboard to your to understand the past profitability of your salon and the forecast based on the future bookings.

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Owner's Dashboard Part 2: Widgets and Other Functions

This tutorial shows you what Theenker Dashboard is capable of, it guides you through the widgets and charts that were design to make it easier for the salon's owner or manager to have the business under control.

How To Cash Up

This tutorial shows how to cash up at the end of the working day. It takes into account card and cash payments that you received and money that you decided to take / transfer or leave in the till.

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Retail Product Sales

This tutorial shows two way to account for retail product sales (e.g. shampoos) in your salon. You can add it as a standalone sale, or together with a service (e.g. a haircut). Furthermore, Theenker allows you to allocate sale to one of the stylists for the future commission calculation.